Who am I ?

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Who am I ?

I am Noushin (nu:shi:n)

tour guide and cultural intermediary.

I accompany male an female travelers to the requested destinations.

I design tour to destinations for which they ask me for hint on technical and cultural aspects, wherever I can interact with the local people through the languages of my competence: Persian (or Farsi, mother tongue), English, Italian and Spanish.

And Who am I really ?

I am a Persian traveler.

I am a nomad, as the people of my origins was.

Traveling between the territories, every time they ask me with curiosity: “Where do you live?”, I realize that I am so taken by the movement, between the place of departure and destination, that, reflecting for a moment, I answer: “For me there are no borders “.

I travel for the knowledge of lands that are new to me, or for the rediscovery of a new reality in those lands that I have already traveled. This is how, while traveling, I intensely experience moments of exploration of nature, new encounters and new acquaintances.

In each return, the charm of the places of attraction, in the different light of day or in the different atmosphere of the seasons, is always surprising.

I find it even more wonderful to discover that the questions of new travelers inspire me an original look at history, geography, population, traditions, monumental beauties and other aspects that I thought I knew well.

My training path

The passion for culture and the desire to travel and explore other unknown lands, but also the parallel events over time, have guided me in the choice of the varied path, obtaining interdisciplinary experiences …


Having obtained the diploma of experimental sciences, I was also interested in other cultures and I followed two courses in parallel:

The degree course in “Italian Language and Literature” at the University of Tehran;

The “First Class English” academic course to improve my knowledge of the English language.

After graduation, I participated in a course run by the Iranian Tourism Organization to obtain an international tour guide license from the National Ministry of “Heritage, Tourism and Crafts”.

It was then that my expertise in the tourism sector began, which I considered a true openness to knowledge and exploration of the world.


While socio-political events around the world had influenced the international economy with the result of a decline in tourism, I traveled to Italy for the first time, with the dual purpose of: Experimentation and Knowledge.

In Siena, the city where I lived for six months in a state of exoticism that I would call from “Alice in Wonderland”, I attended master classes for Italian language and culture at the University For Foreigners.

During my studies, I took every opportunity to visit the most famous tourist, cultural and natural excellences in Italian cities.

So, after returning to Iran, choosing a parallel career path, I worked in the industrial and manufacturing sector. I started my career as a business interpreter and gradually I was able to gain dynamic experience in import and export and in business communication.

Subsequently, the desire for social communication allowed me to operate at the corporate marketing level.


The enthusiasm of the departure, the desire to live with a free spirit and the attraction for unknown lands, pushed me to change my lifestyle, returning to the ancient passion.

I left again in Italy to continue my study and specialization path in the field of Territorial Management and Sustainable Tourism, at the University of Milan Bicocca.

By studying, I continued my professional experience in international transport logistics: an alternative mode of travel is the desk one, managing the departure of goods from the production factory, tracing them in customs and guiding them in their movement by land, sea or air to their destination. .

During the years of the Master in “Management of Tourism, Territory and Local Development”, I have collected a rich portfolio of information, experiments, projects, seminars, meetings, events and travels.


The Milanese university period gave me more opportunities to undertake.

Participation in inter-university projects such as: The “Public Art” workshop with the Polytechnic and the cycle of training seminars on UNICEF with the state, were two precious opportunities for training in sustainable development through tourism.


Thanks to studies and trade fairs, I found the context of dialogue with the actors of international tourism.

At “Artigiano in Fiera” and “Levante”, I collaborated with Iranian artisans to represent Iranian national heritage and culture and at “BIT”, “TTG”, and “Do the right thing” fairs I introduced, the plan of alternative tourism in Iran versus classic tourism, creating the opportunity and time, while traveling, to interact with the local people.

Business trips or trade fairs, thanks to experience, have remained alternative fields of my international travels.
Furthermore, the Italian art cities have always been a curiosity for Iranians and, on the occasion of the Iranian holidays, I deal with travel plans for Iranian tourists to Europe.


The “Development of Sustainable Tourism in Iran” initiative began with my project from scratch of the inter-university thesis, introducing responsible travel packages with the aim of contributing to the local economy by enhancing customs, artefacts traditional and cultural and natural attractions less known for international tourism.

The first responsible tourism trip to Iran started with the participation of an Italian couple and has succeeded, up to now, with the increase in the number of trips with the collaboration of the Iranian and Italian Onlus, knowing each time other places, customs and local activities.


... until today

Thanks to the passion for cultural intermediation we have traveled, together with travelers, many roads and many others remain that we have not yet explored, since the planet is vast and we as human beings are limited.

If you wish to become my next travel companions, please feel free to contact me.as 


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